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Wyciąg narciarski "Szańce"

Wyciąg orczykowy (dł. 350 m), różnica poziomów 80 m, trasa (dł. 400 m), trudna, oświetlona, ratrakowana; ponadto wypożyczalnia sprzętu narciarskiego, parking, noclegi, gastronomia.

Szańce 871
43-474 Koniaków
Beskid Śląski, Beskids & Cieszyn Silesia, Cieszyn Silesia
in the country, in the mountains
Contact data
: +48 33 855 72 31
: +48 603 952 144
General information
: skiing, snowboarding, skis & snowboard
: seasonal
Kind of equipment
: downhill skis

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If someone is athirst for highlander culture, whose one of the most important elements is traditional pastoralism, should direct their steps to the Centrum Pasterskie (Sheephook Center) in Koniaków. It is located on the slopes of Mount Ochodzita, a vantage peak in the Silesian Beskid. The farm of Piotr Kohut offers a visit to this typical mountain hut, in which we can see the production of sheep cheese called oscypek and then taste it. We can also buy souvenirs in the local “highlander” shop.
The Museum of Lace is one of a few galleries in Koniaków presenting the intricate craft. The museum was established in 1962 to commemorate the most famous lacemaker - Maria Gwarek. In the museum we can see the exhibition presenting the art of lacemaking - from almost 150-year-old women's bonnets to contemporary handmade products, such as lingerie and tablecloths. Of particular note is an unfinished tablecloth, made at a special request of Queen Elizabeth II.
"Chata na Szańcach" in Koniaków is one of the most popular Regional Art Gallery. For a few years, it has been visited by more than two million people! You can see a variety of works by artists from the Beskid Triple-village: sculpture, painting, glass painting, graphic arts and carpentry, and, of course, Koniaków laces. The pride of the gallery is a 140-year-old lace cap, and probably the longest trembita in the world, which is 11 meters long.
Koniaków is famous for the crochet works made by local lace makers. One of the places where we can take a look at these masterpieces of folk art is the Kamieniarz-Kubaszczyk Museum. It was founded in 1984 as the Creative Chamber of Helena and Mieczysław Kamieniarz. The main part of the exhibition consists of the laces made by Helen Kamieniarz (1931-2007). In addition to the laces, we can also admire other works of the folk artists belonging to this family.
Ochodzita is a distinctive, domed, treeless hill situated in the village of Koniaków in the southern part of the Silesian Beskids. It rises to a height of 895 m above sea level. The mountain, visible from afar, is covered with fields, meadows and pastures. It is an excellent vantage point. You can get there in a short time from the nearby road, which is part of the Beskid Loop. In winter, a ski-lift operates on the slopes of Ochodzita. At the foot of the mountain there is a trail running from Zwardoń to Barania Góra. It is the highest elevation of the Beskid’s Tri-Village.
If a natural disaster happens that destroys all the trees in the Carpathian Mountains, a special task unit will take action. It is the Wyrchczadeczka Carpathian Gene Bank in Jaworzynka. The devastated forests will be brought to life thanks to the precious seeds of the Istebna spruce collected in the gene bank. It is, moreover, not the only secret of Jaworzynka. In the aviary on display one can see how they look after the capercaillie in Polish forests. For many, it may be a surprise to visit the Museum of Spruce.
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