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    Korbielów is primarily a winter tourist resort and a skiing center on the slopes of Pilsko. Another attraction is the Fero Stable of Hucul ponies, which offers a full range of services from horse riding lessons to breeding and selling the extremely intelligent and calm Hucul ponies. Beautiful landscapes of the Beskid Mountains encourage practicing mountain horse riding and hiking - a short or a multi-day horse ride.
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    Korbielów is best known to all lovers of skiing, but it also attracts horse riding fans. The „Połonina” Stable is another place where you can ride on calm and tough Hucul ponies. The offer includes horse riding lessons, riding in the countryside for advanced riders and romantic summer carriage rides, sleigh rides in the winter, as well as "holiday in the saddle." It also organizes horse riding on the trails of the Beskid Mountains.