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Bielsko-Biała Enduro Mountain Bike Trails

The Enduro Trails mountain bike trail complex in Bielsko-Biała is a network of one-way bike trails or so-called single tracks. These mountain biker favourites are narrow, winding and undulating trails with varied levels of difficulty, from the gently descending easier ones to the steep and technically demanding downhills.


The trails are located in the Klimczok mountain massif between Szyndzielnia and Kozia Góra in Bielsko-Biała city. Szyndzielnia rises to a height of 1030 metres above sea level. Its summit can be reached by a gondola lift, the most modern of its kind in Poland.

Enduro Trails Bielsko-Biała credit. Lucjusz Cykarski, Maciej Kopaniecki

Kozia Góra is a smaller hill (686 m a.s.l.) with a rich tourist tradition. It was here that the longest toboggan run in Europe used to operate. A German tourist organization, the Beskidenverein — an equivalent of the contemporary PTTK — had its head office here before WW2. On both mountains there are atmospheric mountain lodges dating back to the 19th century.

Enduro Trails Bielsko-Biała credit. Lucjusz Cykarski, Maciej Kopaniecki


The complex Endutro Trails in Bielsko-Biała comprises downhill trails with four levels of difficulty, colour-coded green, blue, red and black in ascending order of difficulty (easiest to most difficult):
Green Trails:
Intended use: for beginner mountain bikers, kids, amateurs.
Average gradient: 4-6%.
Surface: even, paved.
Difficulties: sharp turns with and without banked corners, occasionally small natural obstacles may be encountered (stones, roots), slippery or loose surfaces (small pebbles), small puddles and wooden bridges.
Required skills: effective cornering and braking.

One of the easties trail - Stefanka credit. Lucjusz Cykarski, Maciej Kopaniecki

Blue Trails
Intended use: for intermediate mountain bikers
Average gradient: 6-9%
Surface: even and paved or mixed
Difficulties: sharp turns, larger bumps and banked corners, small natural obstacles (roots, stones)
Required skills: confident braking, cornering, dealing with bumps and banked corners and other small obstacles and unevenness

Red Trails
Intended use: for advanced mountain bikers.
Average gradient: 9-13%.
Surface: natural and mixed
Difficulties: sharp turns and banked corners, high speeds, larger natural obstacles (e.g. root and stone sections), small artificial obstacles (e.g. ramps without gaps or with a bypass), slippery surfaces.
Required skills: fast braking, cornering, dealing with larger obstacles (roots, drops, small ramps).

Enduro Trails, Bielsko-Biała credit. Lucjusz Cykarski, Maciej Kopaniecki

Black Trails
Intended use: for expert mountain bikers.
Average gradient: 13-18% .
Surface: natural .
Difficulties: sharp turns and banked corners, frequent natural obstacles (e.g. root and boulder sections, steep slope and ground drops), larger artificial obstacles (e.g. ramps with gaps, with or without a bypass), slippery surfaces.
Required skills: perfect braking, cornering, ability to jump over and deal with difficult terrain obstacles (e.g. steep walls, drops and ramps).


On the Enduro Trails mountain bike trail complex in Bielsko-Biała, are located many facilities for bikers and tourists - bike rentals (i.e. Whyte, Giant), bike bar where you can rest and eat after ride. You can also take part in training with qualified instructors of mountain biking and improve your skills and technique. What is most important - they are available not just for adults but also for kids and riders on each level.

Kids course credit. Kinga Kłaput

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"Forest churches" in Cieszyn Silesia are memorials to the times of persecution the local Protestants in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. When the Catholic Habsburgs ordered to shut down all the Protestant churches in the principality, the faithful prayed in secret, mostly in the forests of the Silesian Beskids. The Protestants from Bielsko gathered at the stone altar in Mikuszowice Śląskie. You will find the place while hiking along the Red Trail from Bielskie Błonia Blonia Bystra and beyond to Klimczok.
Bielsko Błonia Park is a recreational area, which extends into the southern part of the city, in the district of Mikuszowice Śląskie, at the foot Równia (610 m above sea level ) and (686 m above sea level). In the park there are paths for walkers and bikers and sports facilities such as sports playgrounds, a mini-golf course, a large children's playground and a special area for cyclists. In the neighborhood there are hotels and restaurants. Błonia Park is also a starting point for easy hikes to the surrounding mountains.
The historic Church of Saint Barbara in the district of Mikuszowice Krakowskie of Bielsko-Biała is a Catholic parish church in the Diocese of Bielsko-Zywiec. The building from 1690, with a sloping roof is surrounded with wooden arcades called “soboty” in Polish. It is an example of wooden church architecture in the Silesia and Little Poland style. The church is located along the Wooden Architecture Trail of the Silesia province. Mikuszowice itself is an old town. Originally the village of Mikuszowice waspart of two principalities.
The Mikuszowice Horse Stable is one of a few horse riding centers operating in Bielsko-Biała. Its location is particularly impressive. It is situated in a very quiet and green residential area of the city. Horse lovers can benefit from riding lessons as well as riding in the arena or in the open. Its closeness to the picturesque mountain tracks also encourages going on horse rides and participating in horse riding camps. The horses in the stable are exceptionally calm and they are reliable even in more difficult conditions.
"Gypsy Forest ", a park area located in the south of Bielsko-Biala, is a literal translation of the German name "Zigeunerwald". However, the name is a distorted form of "Ziegenwald" which means "Goat Forest". In the communist times, this area was called the People's Park. From the second half of the nineteenth century up to World War Two Gypsy Forest was a spa and a residential district. While walking through Gypsy Forest you can see a wide variety of architectural styles and feel an atmosphere of the bygone era.
Perhaps, he was the best at painting snowy landscapes. Whom are we talking about? About Julian Fałat, an unsurpassed Polish watercolor painter, a master of painting impression. At the beginning of the last century, he permanently bound his life to Bystra near Bielsko-Biała, where he built a villa called ‘Fałatówka”, and where he was buried in the village cemetery. This interesting museum, which is a branch of the Bielsko-Biała Museum, cultivates the memory of the painter.
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Na Błoniach Hotel is situated in the middle of Beskidy mountains, in the most beautiful recreational area of the capital of Podbeskidzie-the town of Bielsko-Biała.
"Stefanka" hostel at Kozia Góra (Goat's Hill) offers 36 beds; a kitchen facility available, bar, lounge with fireplace.
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